Project Network

Gabriella was nominated in her final year of university to apply for a 6-week residency at Guldergergaad Ceramic Research Centre in Denmark. Project Network is Guldagergaard’s own invention, and has now been running for almost 20 years. The aim of Project Network is to create a network and a dialogue within the same generation of emerging artists in ceramic arts from all over the world. The project supports international exchange and investigations for future development of the ceramic arts.

This opportunity marked a new direction in Gabriella’s practice and a move away from glazed, high-fired ceramics in favour of raw, unfired biomorphic forms that paid homage to the surrounding landscape. Gabriella chose to work solely with the studio’s own recycled clay and tested her hand building to create her largest sculptures to date. The work was exhibited in its raw state alongside large clay slabs that bore the marks of carving, a method traditionally associated with wood.

Organisation: Guldagergaad Ceramic Research Centre
Type: Residency
Location: Skælskør, Denmark
Date: October 2018