On Reflection with Wondering People
A small collection of earth-based works exhibited in the group show ‘On Reflection’ with Wondering People at Nunnery Gallery in London.

On Reflection explores a diverse interpretation of reflection in photography, with works by abstract photographer and multi-disciplinary artist Hannah Ackroyd, architectural photographer Owen Davies, award winning photographer Thom Corbishley, and many more including Barney Curran, Giulio Ghirardi, Lottie Hampson, Mark Manzi, Mikael Siirilä, Miro Lovejoy Teplitzky and Sophie Polyviou. To complement the photography, we have also chosen the sculptural works of Gabriella Rhodes and Oliver Cook.” - Wondering People
About the Works
The sculptural works created for On Reflection embodied dual narratives. Crafted from wild clay that was foraged after a landslide, and repurposed ‘waste’ soil diverted from landfill, each piece symbolised extraction and renewal. Making the pieces was preceded by research and fieldwork, encompassing geological maps, walks in the landscape, and connecting with nearby ‘hole diggers’ like farmers and ground workers. Whilst mirroring the geological past in their material composition, the works presented are intended to explore a reciprocal relationship with the environment. Viewers were invited to reflect on the value we place on earthly matter and what role material circularity has in contemporary craft and the current ecological discourse.

Organisation: Wondering People
Type: Exhibition
Location: Nunnery Gallery
Date: 13-17 September 2023
Images: Jasper Fry